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  1. You would like to host a church event or activity including all events or activities that are hosted inside and outside the church. 
  2. You want to promote an event, ministry or activity on our website, social media or weekend services including all flyers, video and pre/post service ads. 

**All requests MUST be submitted 6 weeks before the first promotion date and must also be approved in our Executive Meeting that takes place weekly. Submission of this form does not guarantee approval.



Need something ordered for your area? Use this form to submit a purchase request.

Submit this form if: you will be making purchases for the specific ministry you are leading.

**IMPORTANT: It takes 4-7 business days for funds to be added to any PEX account. There is no way to expedite this process. Please plan accordingly for your department/ministry area.


Need some supplies for your area? Use this form to submit a supply request.

Submit this form if: you have supplies needing to be purchased for a specific ministry you are leading.

**IMPORTANT: Please plan your supply needs at least 1-2 week ahead of the needed time to allow for the ministry leader or PexCard holder to make the purchase request.