Philippians 2:4 “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

Texas has been devastated by the Hurricane that hit the Golf Coast area. As a church we are partnering with other churches within the family of churches we are a part of. Together our collective efforts can have a huge impact on the thousands of people who have been impacted by this storm. This is a long term mission. It will take several months if not years for all the areas impacted to fully recover. LeadChurch is committed to being part of that process. We will keep you updated on ways to be involved. This page will always have the most current ways to be involved available.



1.) PRAY - Seriously, Pray! The storm is moving back out to the Gulf and is expected to make a return hit directly on the Houston area. Pray that the storm will dissipate and move out of the area completely.

2.) GIVE - Right now the BEST way to get involved is to give financially. All funds collected are going directly to help victims who have been impacted, first responders who are leading the search and recovery efforts and to supply the necessary resources to help people in the area.

3.) DONATE SUPPLIES - You can donate these supplies individually for our volunteers to assemble. This list represents what is needed to date. 

Cleaning Supplies
 -  Sponges
 -  Cleaning agents
 -  Paper towels
 -  Commercial Grade trash bags
 -  Rubber gloves

Baby Supplies
-  Dipers
-  wipes
-  formula

4.) VOLUNTEER  - There are many ways to serve. Let us know if you want to get involved and help make a difference. Currently the area is 100% a disaster recover zone. If you have a boat, RV, camper, and want to go help, they are needing more help than you can imagine. If you decide to go, you must be able to provide your own food and shelter. The area has no means of providing any for you. You will truly be on your own assisting in search and recovery efforts but your presence will make a huge difference!